Men vs. Women: What Do They Consider Cheating?

Cheating is a topic that is as old as humankind, and throughout the ages, there have been dalliances, infidelities, and affairs recorded everywhere. Men cheat, and women cheat as well. That is an undeniable fact, but the question that you should ask is why do they cheat? Do men cheat for the same reason as women? Do women see cheating the same way men do? Understanding why your lover cheats on you will help you get him or her back. This can also help you in knowing how to cheat on your spouse.

The Case with Men: Do They Cheat for Sex?

“Men cheat for different reasons”

“Men cheat for different reasons”

There are a number of reasons why men cheat, and these may vary from one man to another, but there are some common elements you’ll find with men who cheat. To understand why your spouse is cheating on you, it is absolutely important not to entertain biases and the common myths women have about men. The idea that is most commonly entertained by women is that men are just out to find sex. While sex may appear to be at the center of many affairs, there is something more, something more subtle that women have to think about if they want to understand why men cheat.

If men cheat solely for sexual attraction, they’ll not go after that woman who looks awful, and way too far from anything you’d consider sexy. Men have serious reasons for cheating, and most often these reasons are their spouses or female lovers.

Naturally men are dominanting in character, and when they feel that they do not receive the attention and the appreciation they need, they tend to seek it elsewhere. In situations where communication is poor, or not of great quality, men will seek women who can listen, share their dreams, and make them feel comfortable. It usually starts with simple conversations, the ability to open up and share, which eventually develops into an emotional connection that may turn physical at one point.

When men feel unappreciated at home, they will seek appreciation where they work or with their circle of friends and acquaintances. Men are not hard wired to cheat in a relationship; If you really want to cheat on someone or your spouse, you need to learn how to cheat on your spouse first. A cheating guide could help you to cheat and not get caught. Men can find plenty of reasons to cheat. They can also cheat to have the thrill, to experience what it feels like to cheat like others do. It is a juvenile attitude, but isn’t there something of that naive youth in each human being? Men will also cheat to affirm themselves, to feel that they’re still attractive and desirable. Such men will often cheat with much younger women, sometimes much younger than their spouses.

What Do Men Consider Cheating?

“Emotional security is preferred by men”

“Emotional security is preferred by men”

The way that men look at cheating can be completely different from the way a woman will. This is something that you should know if you intend on cheating on your spouse. The line of infidelity is crossed when they physically get involved with a woman; at least, that is what most men consider cheating. So for men, it is no big deal flirting with another woman through text or chat, dancing dirty closely with another woman, or confiding with another, other than their spouses. Men will dismiss accusations from their spouses with expressions such as, “It was nothing but just a dance.” They’ll not find it wrong having a friendly dinner with another woman, but for their female lovers, that is already crossing the line.

Why Do Women Cheat?

“Women have their own reasons”

“Women have their own reasons”

Women may have more reasons for cheating than men. They find someone capable of giving them what their husbands cannot give: attention, affection, money, and a deeper level of sexual experience. Women are more emotionally attached to the people they love than men; it’s in their nature, and they are made that way. Where they feel that that emotional attachment with their husband is wavering, they’ll easily seek new attachments and assurances.

You’ll hear women say they started cheating because they didn’t feel connected, they were lonely, and were not appreciated as they would have loved to be. Women may cheat for emotional reasons, but unlike men, they can easily get too attached to the point that they fall for the person with whom they are cheating. Women want to find the person who can look into their eyes with desire, someone who can make them feel they are wanted. When their husbands fail to do so, they will look for someone who can make them feel this way.

Every Relationship Is Unique

“Understand the uniqueness of your relationship”

“Understand the uniqueness of your relationship”

Although you’ll find many reasons why men and women cheat, it is important to note that they do vary from one man to another and from woman to woman. The level of attachment to people they love will also vary from one person to another. Men and women also share certain reasons for cheating. The sentiment of revenge is common to all and it can be the reason for cheating. The common reason people cheat is that they do not feel the way they used to feel with their partners. They feel like something is missing. Few people will cheat for the sheer pleasure of cheating, and such people could be sex addicts who just cannot get enough of it. Knowing these reasons can help you determine how to cheat on your spouse and how to avoid getting into complications you would never have imagined.

What Happens When You Cheat on Your Spouse

“What happens next is in your hands”

“What happens next is in your hands”

The thrill of an illicit relationship is strong, but there are repercussions. Sometimes, before you entertain the idea, and start looking for ways on how to cheat on your spouse, it is important to ask yourself this simple question: How would I feel if I found out that my partner is cheating on me? How would I react if I found him or her acting the way I am doing? Unless you have completely fallen out of love with your spouse, cheating should be ruled out if you want an uncomplicated life. Cheating comes with many repercussions. You’re not only ruining a relationship with your spouse but equally making life difficult for you and your children (if you already have some). Handling an affair can be very stressful, and you’ll need to be very creative if you want to keep it discreet. You’ll learn to lie, and do things you never did before.

Learn to Keep the Spark

Instead of finding tips on cheating on your spouse, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor by asking why you can’t get his or her attention as before. Communication is very important, and being open can help you keep your partner faithful. It is important to learn to share feelings with your partner without fear. Your partner may seem to lose interest in you for a number of reasons: work-related stress, changes he or she discovers in you, your own lack of spark and excitement.

You should learn to speak your mind, as denying that things are changing in your relationship will not solve any problems; cheating will only make things worse. The only way to keep your relationship will be to address every emotional issue immediately. Work on the physical aspect of your relationship. As a woman, if your man starts ignoring his physical appearance, it is your responsibility to remind him. Help him look attractive by getting him the best hygiene tools and clothing. Work on yourself as well, and keep fit and desirable.

Every relationship has problems, and these are part of what makes it dynamic. Do not flee from that part of being in a relationship hoping to find better elsewhere. If it is a new attraction you have for someone, remember that you once felt the same for your lover. The bottom line in staying sane and improving relationships is to live with the philosophy of not doing to your partner what you’d be hurt to find him or her doing.

Should You Consider Using Online Dating To Find Love?

woman getting roses from computer drawing

Online dating to meet women can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing!

In this day and age, people, regardless of their age and sexual preference, find love through all sorts of ways. One of them is through the Internet. There is no shame in that really, but certain individuals still think that it’s impossible to meet someone decent online.

I do need to warn you before you embark on a quest to sign up for every online dating site that there are many temptations in the online dating world. One of these is the whole “adult online dating” niche market, which promises men to “get laid quicker”. These aren’t places to find love – instead they offer hookups. Sites like and speciflists in the adult datingspace that have put up a review the new site here swear by thse dating sites – but I think that it’s more likely that is a scam and not a legit dating site. I’d recommend to anyone wanting to try out online dating to instead focus on large “vanilla” dating websites such as,, or – and stay away from the “gray areas” of dating such as socialsex or adult friend finder.

So the question is: Should you consider using online dating to find love? The answer to that question, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge YES! However, there are a few things that you need to remember if you do decide to meet people through online dating. Because the internet, just like other forms of media, have nameless and faceless people behind it that would do anything to make a fool of, take advantage, and even abuse honest individuals. These are just a few tips to make sure you stay away from people like that as far away as you possibly can.

The Beauty of Anonymity

online dating drawing

Finding love online: myth or a real possibility? Find out!

You start chatting with someone, and it feels great. You exchange basic stuff about each other. What your favorite food is, favorite color, beverage, and etcetera. But that’s it. Use your instinct when it comes to showing a photo of yourself, but don’t feel obliged to. If it’s your first time talking to this person, you should not, under any circumstances, tell him/her what your real name is, where you live, work, and anything else that could give away your real identity. You need to get past that getting-to-know-you stage before anything else. You don’t talk to someone and immediately tell them everything about yourself now, do you? It’s the same thing when it comes to online dating. You first need to feel secure towards that person, and be confident about their character.

Be Practical and Use Your Common Sense

Not everything on the Internet ends up a happy ending. But some people are so infatuated with the thought of being in love that they regard everything as a “sign,” and that this person they’re chatting with is already “the one.” Be realistic! Not everything can end up with a “spark” or that “instant connection.” Treat it as any kind of friendship that needs time to develop and blossom. Take your time, and do it at your own pace.

Meet In a Public Location

There will come a time when you’ll both feel that it is already time to meet up. Where do you think that should be? This is actually a no-brainer. Always choose a public place for you to meet up, like a restaurant with a light ambiance. Don’t agree to be picked up from your place, or when he suggests that you go to his house. Make sure you’ll both be on your best behaviour before taking it to the next level. You don’t really want to do something you’ll just end up regretting if things don’t go as planned.

Stick to these tips and you’ll be surprised to find out that “that online dating thing” can work for you, after all. It’s bound to be lots of fun. You’ll never know, you might just find yourself falling in love all over again—this time, with the right person. Good luck!

3 Heart Themed Gifts your Girlfriend will love

Heart shaped gifts are loved by all women irrespective of whether she is your girlfriend or your wife. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift your special one with heart themed gifts to express your innermost feelings. Heart is all about passion and any time is ideal to pour out your feelings and express your love for your girl.

  1. Silver and Gold Heart Shaped Lockets

Silver or gold lockets come in exciting heart shapes and these could be the ideal gift for your girlfriend this holiday season. These pendants are sure to make her feel loved and special. You can choose a heart shaped locket with encasing and include your photograph in it especially if you are gifting her for a special occasion. Silver lockets are less expensive than the gold ones and they are available in many different styles. You can choose the solid and regal vintage silver tone charm sterling locket. This locket with its antique feel comes with a Maltese cross charm and detailed floral artwork. Your girl will certainly appreciate this gift more than anything else. Express your deepest love and affection for her with the heart lockets that are sure to bring fond memories back. If you can afford it, there is nothing better than a heart-shaped locket. Floor her with the diamond studded gold heart locket on your relationship or wedding anniversary. Sweep her off her feet with the sparkling piece of jewellery.

Saint Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine’s Day


  1. Melt Her Heart with Heart-Shaped Chocolates

There is no exception. All girls love chocolates. Add spice to your relationship by gifting your girl with heart shaped chocolates. You can never go wrong with chocolates and heart shaped chocolates speak volumes about your feelings. Choose this safe bet and take a lot of time choosing the right chocolates your girl likes. You can choose from a range of dark, white or brown chocolates depending on her preference. Get the chocolates packed in an exquisite heart-shaped box. You can get the salesman to add in a few attractive heart-shaped stickers or ribbons. Include a champagne or wine bottle with the gift and you can be sure of finding a permanent place in her heart.

An attractive young woman holding a heart-shaped pillow

An attractive young woman holding a heart-shaped pillow


  1. There is no Substitute for the Cute Heart Shaped Teddy Bears

Ask any girl in love and she will tell you how she prefers a cuddy, cute heart shaped teddy bear to chocolates or even jewellery. You can find a variety of different sizes and colors online or at your local gift store. You can surprise your girl with a massive teddy carrying a huge heart with your message.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to heart themed gifts for your girl. Take time choosing the best gift that will melt her heart and make her fall head over heels in love with you all over again. 

3 Mental Things to Relax Yourself

Our brain is an organ of the body that is used for thinking. This is the organ that learns and grows with the use of our senses. As we grow older, our brain adapts to a lot of things. Countless information is incorporated into the brain. Our brain works all day long, it only rests when we sleep. Sometimes we tend to over-use our brain leading us to manifest emotions and/or behaviours that we cannot control. Physical changes can happen – headache, migraine and sometimes going the brink of losing one’s sanity.

So what do we do to at least prevent those things? We do mental exercises, also known as “Neurobics”. Neurobics is a practice where you exercise your brain using your senses and that includes your emotional sense to encourage making it a routine everyday. This is designed to help the brain process the nutrients in order to help the brain cells grow and to make the brain stronger.

In this article, we will discuss 3 things on how to awaken those neuro cells. We will tackle the things you will need to do even when you are at home, or at the office or when you are just simply, sitting or relaxing.

Mental Exercise: Alone on the Beach

Mental Exercise: Alone on the Beach

1. Try new things—according to Franklin Institute, one of the good things to do in order to exercise your brain is to try new stuffs. Using your other hand instead of the usual hand that you do is one of the neurobics that can help relax and exercise your brain. Just a quick note, not push it too much to learn it immediately; it will stress your brain. You may also read new books that may interest you.

2. Physical activities—engaging into sports can be a good relaxing exercise for someone who is stressed in the office or with work. At a very young age, we need to indulge ourselves into sports for it protects us from aging. It helps us to think right and stay calm at all times. Yoga and other relaxing activities can also help relax and charge those neurons.

3. Travelling will help – When you travel, it stimulates your brain to think and to relax especially when the things you do when you travel are new things that you do not do everyday. Your body relaxes and so as your brain. If you are just at home, you can go to the park and hang out with friends in order to relax your thoughts and think less of the things that give you stress.

Our body and brain always works together; so in order for the both to work perfectly together you should relax and give yourself time to enjoy.

Microsoft: Can Windows 8 Save MSFT?

What Do Reviewers Think?

Many experts are still not convinced that Windows 8 is going to do a great deal to save Microsoft. There will be few arguments that there are plenty of things to be impressed with it seems to them that it is going to be much more important to the general public who will use it occasionally rather than the experts like themselves who would ideally have liked something more.

There is a risk that the people who Microsoft would ideally like to use Windows 8 such as big business will decide that there is not enough new options for them and there is no need to change from what they are already using. It is a pity that Microsoft did not learn from the problems that they encountered when they released Windows Vista.

This does not mean that the general user will not be getting a good product but more the target market has been missed.

It seems that there is too much of an attempt to make Windows 8 the be all and end all for the PC. It has been successful in setting up a system that worked well on mobile phones, but a business will want more from the system they use in the office and if they are getting just what any user is getting on the phone then they will not be enticed to sign up.

Microsoft will launch Windows 8, the latest version

Microsoft will launch Windows 8, the latest version

There is nothing that can be criticised and the design is good there are still some things that should have been worked out before the product is released. Missing the target market is a strange thing for Microsoft to do, but there is no getting away from the fact that power users seem to have been forgotten and everything focused on the casual user. By targeting the fun user there is going to be an opportunity lost as someone with a regular and heavy use will not see the advantage of a system aimed at browsers.

The same comments keep coming up again and again from reviewers and that is the fact that productivity does not seem to have been a consideration when Windows 8 was developed.



This may well be a success as there will be enough people happy to use it when they do log on for a few hours, but to say that this is the development that is going to save Microsoft is well wide of the mark.

Common Sense Ways to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

A lot of people are in deep debt and it is driving them crazy! If you find yourself charging something as simple as tomatoes to your credit card; hey let’s be honest here, you need help!

Here are common sense ways that you can get rid of credit card debt:

Piling more Debt to Your Already Accumulating Debt? Then, Cut it Out!

If you want to stay out of debt for good, then stop piling on more debt! Think about it, if you want to clear out the attic one item at a time and you keep dumping two to three items back there. Do you honestly think that you will EVER be able to clean out the attic? So you see, adding on more and more debt while trying to climb out of the deep pit of debt will not help you one bit.

Cut up Your Credit Cards!

A lot of us rely completely on credit cards and this has landed a lot of us in deep debt. Unlike when you spend real-life dollars, you do not feel the burn when you charge an item to your credit card. If you find it difficult to suppress your urge to charge purchases to your card, then take a pair of really sharp scissors and cut up your credit cards

Your Credit Cards!

Your Credit Cards!

  • Leave them at home

  • Bury them

  • Put them in a plastic container, fill it with water and put it in the freezer until you are no longer in debt. (Please Note: Do not close the credit card account as this will lead to reducing your credit rating).

Switch to a New Attitude

If you keep thinking that you will not be able to get out of debt, then you would remain in debt for a really long time. You need to believe that you can get out of debt, and you will be surprised at how fast you accomplished your goal of living debt-free. Eliminate the feeling of self doubt or giving into the victim mentality.

Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality

Keep Busy

An idle mind is every retailer’s dream! You may be tempted to just go to the mall and window shop because you are feeling a little bored. Most times, you may end up purchasing items that you do not necessarily need. Think about it, do you honestly need to buy that expensive designer coat when the coat you are currently using is fine, chic, stylish, and looks great on you?

You can get out of debt!

3 Most Pleasant New TV Shows

The world of TV serials is filled with hope, anticipation, excitement, setbacks and disappointment. The 2011-12 seasons was no different but came up with unexpected twists that made fans happy. I mean there were quite a few pleasant new TV shows that kept audience captivated. Many shows are being aired that are popular and intriguing. I have ranked three most pleasant new TV shows based on their evident popularity and ratings.

“Revenge” Definitely Takes the Top Slot

Revenge” is one of the most pleasant new television shows that continue to hold the attention of audience. Initially, even though the show’s pilot was loved by all, there was scepticism regarding audience reaction. No one was sure whether the show will be given a chance by viewers. Even before we became aware of how messed up the Graysons are, we thought the series will get cancelled, more so since it is aired at 10PM as a network drama.

In spite of finding itself in a situation where it cannot find footing and gain in popularity, surprisingly the show found a certain following. Audience is ecstatic to find Emily going back there to take revenge more for her father than for herself.

“Revenge” is a show that revolves around Emily who is warmly welcomed into the community. Little do the people around her know she has come with an express purpose of finding those who destroyed her family and taking revenge on them. Created by Mike Kelley and starring Emily Van Camp, Madeline Stowe and Gabriel Mann, this series is one of my top favorites.

Revenge - Watch Full TV Episodes Online

Revenge – Watch Full TV Episodes Online

3. “New Girl” Scores

New Girl is another pleasant new television series that premiered on Fox. Starring Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson, Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris, this show aired a total of 24 episodes in the first season.

After receiving favourable responses from critics who particularly praised Deschanel’s performance, the second season is being aired by Fox since April 2012. While Deschanel was nominated for her stunning performance for the Golden Globe best actress award for television series, the show itself was nominated for the best television series.

The story is about Jess, an off beat woman who goes through a messy breakup. She finds three single men living in a loft apartment and moves in with them, who support her in spite of finding her behaviour unusual.

New Girl

New Girl

2. Last but Not the Least – Megan Draper

Jessica Pare who plays the seductress secretary Megan Draper has managed to keep audience smitten. When Don proposed to his secretary last season, no one was impressed enough. When she started manipulating him after moving him to a swanky apartment, there is no looking back for Megan in terms of popularity.